Sunday, 2 November 2014

Support an author!

My mate Scarlett's got a new serial on the go, and she's offering up part 1 today for free. Grab yourself a freebie!

Piper Holt’s only after one thing: a man who’s only after one thing. 

Previous lovers demanded either subservience or her heart, neither of which are up for negotiation, so Leo Carson's attitude makes him her ideal match. Handsome, shameless and equally impulsive, he appears to want nothing more than a white-hot overnight liaison. 

'Overnight' somehow develops into the entire weekend but come Monday morning, pride keeps her back turned and Piper walks away. Denying her own feelings doesn't mean that Leo has none though, and if she's going to atone for hurting him she'll have to admit the 'one thing' she now wants is the man she's in danger of losing forever.

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