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Stuart Jones has a reputation—take a guy on a date, get him into bed, and then forget him. He’s grown up tough, both on the outside and in, and he has no room in his life for emotional distractions.

And then he meets Danny, and he can’t take his eyes off him. Doesn’t want to. Wants nothing more than to get to know Danny, everything about him—has no real idea why he’s so desperate for it but he can’t ignore it, this feeling thrumming through his veins…this emotion. Because Danny’s the one to slip under the wire, to get beneath Stuart’s skin, to make him want.

Only Danny’s got a pretty major hang-up—he can't be touched, not intimately. He suffered a trauma two years ago and he hasn’t let anyone near him since. And it’s not just mental scars he’s battling—he wears on his body the physical reminder of what happened to him, something he never thought he’d let any man see. But Stuart’s not just any man, and he might just be the one to help Danny battle his demons and take control of his desires once again.

* * * * *


After a five-year stretch in prison, Dean has his freedom back—but it's not what matters to him. All he cares about is finding the love of his life and picking up where they left off. Except the love of his life—Adam—isn't so welcoming. He took losing Dean too hard and he's spent the past few years trying to recover. Seeing Dean again threatens to undo all his hard work and he can't risk it, shouldn't risk it, no matter how desperate he is to feel Dean's touch on him again.

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