Thursday, 6 November 2014

Quick update

So Coming Home will come to a close tomorrow with episode 4. Episodes 1-3 are published, and episode 1 is currently free for a very short time. Grab it while you can! Thank you so much for the support with this one -- I know it was a bit different, but I like to take a few chances. And as I already had it written, it's given me the opportunity to work on something a bit ambitious:

Next week I will be launching two serials. Two! Simultaneously! I must be mad. The reason I'm doing two at once is because one is M/F, and I didn't want to go silent on the M/M readers who've been following my work recently.

I don't have the blurbs or covers for them yet, but here's a brief description:

M/M: Study Session. Man meets male stripper, man sleeps with stripper, man discovers stripper is a student in his new teaching job. Enter drama! Conflict! Creative ways to bang without touching! All that fun stuff.

M/F: The Billionaire's Rockstar. He's a billionaire due to marry a society woman. She's a BBW musician who really isn't impressed by wealth, thank you. They bang. Enter drama! Conf...oh you get it.

And coming up after that -- does anyone like the enemies-to-lovers trope? With added we-have-to-pretend-to-be-boyfriends-for-reasons-but-really-I-can't-stand-you-oh-wait-why-is-fake-kissing-you-turning-me-on goodness? With werewolves? 'Cos that's what's coming next.

This daily blogging lark's going well, isn't it? At some point over the next few days, I'm going to blog about why I write serials as opposed to series or novels. I have reasons!

PS. Look at my dumb dog

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