Thursday, 6 November 2014

M/M filth, anyone??

I've spent all day wondering if I should use another pen name for my upcoming erotica series, but really -- why? You all know I like my written porn graphic and it says right up there in my header that I'm also an erotica author. Those who like to stick with erotic romance don't need to read the erotica stories, and vice versa.

So after the jump are details of an M/M erotica short fiction serial I have coming soon. Readers who love romance -- or, you know, much of a story -- with their erotica shouldn't read on. This series is pure filth. Pure kinky sex. There's literally nothing else to it but kink, and there certainly isn't a romantic element in any way, shape or form.

The Toy

His name's Jay, but that's not what they call him. They hire him to be their Toy -- to play with and use in any way they see fit. He considered prostitution, and he considered stripping, but nothing gets him off harder than being little more than a sexual object to whoever's paying. He loves to be fondled and filled and forced into any position, to try any kink and take anything they give him. He has a safe word, but he's never used it. Because he's Toy, and he's addicted to playtime.

(Release details to come.)

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  1. I think keeping the same pen name is more authentic. A good writer--and you are a VERY good writer--needs to exercise (and exorcise ;-) all facets of her creativity. There's nothing to hide just because this story is more hard core than your others. And I am looking forward to reading it since I've now finished everything you have on Amazon.