Friday, 31 October 2014

New releases and... daily blogging?

Hello! I thought it was time I kickstarted this blog, and coming to the end of my first full serial seems like as good a time as any. So first, some housekeeping.

I released the final episode of Skin Deep last night.

Stuart Jones has a reputation—take a guy on a date, get him into bed, and then forget him. He’s grown up tough, both on the outside and in, and he has no room in his life for emotional distractions. 

And then he meets Danny, and he can’t take his eyes off him. Doesn’t want to. Wants nothing more than to get to know Danny, everything about him—has no real idea why he’s so desperate for it but he can’t ignore it, this feeling thrumming through his veins…this emotion. Because Danny’s the one to slip under the wire, to get beneath Stuart’s skin, to make him want.

Only Danny’s got a pretty major hang-up—he can't be touched, not intimately. He suffered a trauma two years ago and he hasn’t let anyone near him since. And it’s not just mental scars he’s battling—he wears on his body the physical reminder of what happened to him, something he never thought he’d let any man see. But Stuart’s not just any man, and he might just be the one to help Danny battle his demons and take control of his desires once again.

Skin Deep has a combined word count of 110,000 words, which is astounding to me. It certainly didn't seem that long while I was writing it! Go big or go home, eh?

I have my second serial already completed. It will be four parts and I'll be releasing them all next week. Here's the info:

Coming Home

After a five-year stretch in prison, Dean has his freedom backbut it's not what matters to him. All he cares about is finding the love of his life and picking up where they left off. Except the love of his lifeAdamisn't so welcoming. He took losing Dean too hard and he's spent the past few years trying to recover. Seeing Dean again threatens to undo all his hard work and he can't risk it, shouldn't risk it, no matter how desperate he is to feel Dean's touch on him again.

I will blog buy links and cover art when I have them. I'm a little nervous about this one as it's a bit different -- a second-chances story, rather than the typical boy-meets-boy arc. I hope some of you will enjoy it. Following that, I have an M/M werewolf serial in the works. I'll post more info closer to the time.

Some of you maybe have noticed that I also write contemporary M/F. First, I have a novel coming out on Dec 5:

On an island along the River Suir sits the Jameson Hotel, a jewel in Ireland's emerald crown. And Olivia Jameson has been put in charge of the entire operation in her uncle's absence. Which—okay, she's been a manager here for years. She can do this. Maybe. So long as nothing goes wrong. Like, say, the sudden resignation of the hotel's most beloved employee: Bobby the maintenance guy. 

Jack Taylor's resume says lawyer and prestige. His mouth says give me the damn maintenance job. Olivia takes a chance on him, which has nothing whatsoever to do with how hot he is. Because she's a professional. And he may be the hottest thing to ever set foot on this island, but there’s no way he’s getting under her skin. 

Besides, it’s not as if anything between them could ever work. She’s his boss; he’s an employee. He’s got a daughter, too many secrets, and a past that should scare her. She’s married to her job, and she’s tried this whole relationship thing before—didn’t pan out. 

And there’s also the very small, tiny, inconsequential problem she’s lived with for years… She can’t set foot off the island.

I'm also writing a serial about a conflicted billionaire and the sassy, take-no-bullshit rock goddess who steals his heart. I hope to have that out by the end of December, and again, I will post more info closer to the time.

Finally, my "sister" Jade Carson (hint: not my sister) writes New Adult urban fantasy with LGBT characters. The Carrier: A Shadowkin Rising Novel is a 90k-word novel releasing on Monday, and it's available for pre-order now:

There’s a man in Eden Rose’s garden, and he’s watching her. He appears wherever she goes and disappears before she can confront him. He’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a creepy stalker. 

Then something follows her home—only it’s not the man. It’s shadow and heat, burning her as it passes, materialising into a faceless man and breaking into her home. Moments before Eden’s sister, Sadie, goes into battle with the thing, she seals a crystal to Eden’s skin and gives her an address, forces her to leave. 

The address leads Eden to Hadley Kane, a mid-twenties “retired” demon hunter, who’s adamant he wants nothing to do with Eden’s problem. Until he notices the crystal. He says the underground world of demons and magicians and spirits –collectively referred to as the Shadowkin—is rising, and the crystal holds the Shadowkin leader’s life force: her Vitalium. If returned, the Vitalium will bring her back from the dead. 

Eden’s stuck with the one thing standing in the way of the Shadowkin’s plans. She discovers Sadie’s vanished, but in Sadie’s room she finds a book which speaks of her deceased mother and Shadowkin and something called the Imperium Order—things her normal family should know nothing about. And the only way to find answers, prevent the Shadowkin from succeeding, and find her sister is to wade into the heart of it all and destroy it from within. Except she’s human, and out of her depth, and the man who was watching her has appeared from nowhere yet again and declared he wants to protect her—even though she’s pretty sure he’s so deeply rooted in the world of Shadowkin, even he doesn’t know which side he’s fighting for.

Now, daily blogging. I want to try it? At least for November, to see how it goes. Who knows what content I'll come up with, and I hope to cover some of it with some guest posts (email if you'd like to guest) and other promo of various authors.

I've also created a twitter and a facebook account, if you'd like to add me there. I hope to get stuck into social media by the end of the year.

And that's about it for today, I think! Remember to sign up for my newsletter if you'd like to keep informed of my adventures. And thank you so much for your support so far! The response has been far bigger than I ever imagined for my first couple of weeks in self-publishing world and I can't express my appreciation enough. It's made me feel hugely motivated!


  1. I just finished reading your Skin Deep serial and thoroughly enjoyed the read. I love all your characters and relationships. Your dialogue is so smooth and fun. I look forward to reading more of your m/m serials. Thank you.