Thursday, 13 November 2014

Surprise complete serial!

This one wasn't supposed to be a Lola Carson title, which is why you've not heard me mention it before. It was intended as a "retirement" title for a pen name I no longer plan to use. But I've been disconnected from that pen name for about four years now, so it didn't make much sense to drag it up again just to say goodbye with a final story. Let it sleep, I say.

So I've released it under Lola Carson. Complete!

Noah’s getting married after a whirlwind romance to a charming Irishman he met one night in a gay bar. But then he meets his fiancĂ©’s oldest friend and best man—Patrick Walsh. The spark Noah shares with Patrick is impossible to ignore, but he refuses to break his fiancĂ©’s heart…even though it’s looking more like he’ll have to break his own in order to say “I do” and make his vows.

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