Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Snippet

Today's excerpt is from my upcoming M/M serial, Study Session. Hope you enjoy!

With his bag slung over his shoulder, Craig slipped out the fire escape door and into the alley that ran along the back of the building, circled around it, until he came to the courtyard in front. Stopped by a street light, leaned against it, and tried to look casual, despite his heart hammering up a storm against his ribs.

Less than a minute later, Isaac appeared.

He smiled as he stepped through the doorway, dodging a group of smokers huddled around the outside heater screwed onto the wall, and approached him. His hands were in his pockets, and his shoulders were slightly hunched against the cold, his jacket pulled up around his neck. His eyes, when he looked at Craig, were shy, and Craig couldn’t help the little burst of quiet laughter as he said, “So…I might’ve been a bit cocky in there.”

Isaac raised an eyebrow at him.

“Just trying my luck, you know,” Craig added. “I didn’t think you’d actually…”

“Well I have,” said Isaac. “I did—do—I do want to, if you still want…?”

“Yeah,” said Craig. “Yeah. I’m just a five-minute walk from here, if we could—”


And just like that, they were walking home to Craig’s apartment together.

The night was cold and a bit blustery, and Craig was only wearing a thin shirt, so he crossed his arms over his chest in an attempt to keep warm—no doubt shutting off his body language and projecting the wrong message, but it was better that than freezing to death and—

“Are you cold?”

“I’m fine,” Craig lied, smiling at Isaac, and then the unbelievable happened—Isaac slipped out of his jacket and draped it over Craig’s shoulders.

Craig stared at him, almost walking into a lamppost in the process. “Are you serious?”

“It’s okay, I’m wearing layers,” Isaac said, as if he had no understanding of what he’d just done.

“No, seriously,” Craig said. “Is this a thing that just happened?”

Isaac frowned. “What? You’re obviously cold.”

“Yeah, but this isn’t—” A date. Romance. Chivalry.

He didn’t know why such a small, simple gesture had affected him so much, but he couldn’t deny the butterflies in his stomach as he pulled the jacket tight around himself. It smelled like aftershave and cosiness. He could’ve swooned.

“Isn’t what?”

“Nothing,” Craig said. “Thanks.”

For one baffling moment, the pair of them both attempted to conceal smiles as they looked at each other. Craig’s desire for this man was rapidly making room for a weird kind of affection and it troubled him, a little, because Isaac wouldn’t be in his life come tomorrow and there was very little point in building this up to be anything other than what it was. They were going home to fuck. They were not on a first date. He needed to remember that.

They rounded the corner onto Craig’s street, and Isaac startled him slightly when he said, “How old are you?”

“Younger than you,” Craig responded, smirking a little.

Isaac could’ve taken it as an insult, but his eyes were soft when he glanced at Craig. “I’m about to hit thirty.”

Craig hummed in consideration. “I would’ve said twenty-six, max.” He paused, hesitant, and then added, “You’ve got ten years on me.”

“Is that so.” He didn’t sound surprised.

“Does that bother you?” Craig asked him.

“Are you legal?”


“Then no.” They looked at each other, and Isaac caught his lip between his teeth for an instant before asking, “Does it bother you?”

“No,” Craig said, and he drew in a bit of a shuddery breath, no longer feeling the cold as his skin warmed from within. “The opposite, actually.”

“Good,” Isaac said, watching Craig’s mouth.

They reached the apartment building, and Craig let them in and led Isaac up the rickety stairs, and then paused outside his front door.

“Um,” he said, and looked behind at Isaac. The harsh lights of the hallway did nothing to change how attractive the man was. “Just so you know, this is my parents’ place. They’re away at the moment, so…”

“Okay?” Isaac said, clearly nonplussed.

“I’m just saying, in case you wondered why all the furniture looks like an eighties’ throwback.”

Isaac gave him a look full of intent. “I’m not here to see your furniture, Craig.”

“No, that’s…very true…” And he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t control the urge—turned and pressed forward and slanted their mouths together, just for a taste, a preview of what was to come.

Isaac let out a low sound of surprise but caught on with impressive speed—got one hand cupping Craig’s jaw and the other on his waist and pulled him in, changed the angle so he could lick into Craig’s mouth and yeah, yes, this was gonna be a good night, if the way Isaac kissed was any indication. Deep, hot, intense. Giving it everything. Craig’s dick stiffened with anticipation, and a moan rumbled in his throat when Isaac shifted forward and pushed on him until he was flat against the door with Isaac smothering him, pressing into space, hips aligning and thighs sliding into place together and Craig could do nothing but hold on, take the devouring kiss and the rush of hot blood in his veins and the smallest, slightest brush of Isaac’s hard dick against his own.

“Fuck,” Craig gasped as he broke the kiss, tilting his face to the side to take a breath and pushing on Isaac even as he wanted to pull him closer. “We need to get inside before I drop to my knees right here in this hall.”

Isaac’s voice was tight when he said, “And you’re expecting me to find a problem with that idea?”

They pulled apart with breathless laughter and Isaac stayed close to him while Craig searched in his pocket for his keys. There was an awkward moment when he fumbled his key in the lock and dropped it, when they both bent down at the same time to retrieve it and almost bumped heads. With another laugh, this time breaking the tension, they entered the apartment.

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