Monday, 3 November 2014

My work room!

Come and have a nose around my work room. But be warned: you will experience severe feelings of jealousy upon viewing these majestic images.

(Those allergic to crappy unlit iPhone pictures are advised to click away now.)


From another angle:

This is that thing I sat on that one time:

This is my wall of nothing:

This is my collection of things that have fallen off other things in the house:

This is that thing I stood on that one time:
(What are they even called??)

These are two boxes still waiting to be unpacked from when we moved into this house. THREE YEARS AGO.
(Chances are, if we haven't needed whatever's in them yet, then we're good to chuck out the boxes unopened by this point. Which I will never do. Because what if I DO need what's in them?? You never know.)

These are my scented candles, for those days when my writing stinks (hahahaaaaa *slaps knee*):

This is my lamp and the heart thingy-wotsit:

The heart thingy-wotsit lights up:
Aaaaah ~majestic. (Not so majestic in daylight, I admit.)

These are my dangly flower things:

These are my holes in the wall:

This is my mental carpet that was already here when we moved in:

Here's the bit where the carpet layer obviously ran out of carpet, and just stuck down a spare bit:

Behold my cupboard-o-junk:
You all wish you had such a beautiful cupboard.

These are my pots of things:

This is my box of notes:

This is my amazing view of my neighbour's bathroom window:

And that's everything! Stylish, no? ;p

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  1. I'm especially jealous of the wall of nothing. And I'm so jealous of the holes in your wall that I could swallow my own head!